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So if you haven’t noticed, there has been a sizable gap in between posts. Whoops. Vacation and plans for world domination (not kidding) have consumed a fair chunk of my time. Most of my attention at the moment is directed at my Senior Seminar. Currently it’s dealing with Neuroplasticity and the Effects of Constraint Induced Therapy on Stroke Patients. So if anyone knows Dr. Edward Taub on a  first name basis, put in a good word for me. Pretty please?


Exams, Planes, and Delays!

It would seem that I have accidentally taken a brief hiatus from my blogging duties! Allow me to explain my absence.

This week marked our first developmental biology exam. As it was a take-home essay, it is needless to say this consumed every moment of spare time available. Fortunately it seems I was not the only student who shirked their blogging duties as only one of seven students posted on time! Strength in numbers, right?

As my professor jetted off halfway around the world I relocated to a much warmer climate, Phoenix. There is no feeling like being in a prairie in the morning then landing in a desert to be greeted by an In-N-Out Double double: animal style.

But never fear! I believe I am still required an additional post to appease the almighty PZ (calling him almighty gets me an A, right?). So here’s a spoiler of the next post to come: primates and faulty cohesin.

On one last note, I was informed to inform you (to inform others) that this person is Not a doctor. Good job, Rhys Morgan. Keep slaying them.

Just in time for Caturday

A brief update:
I’ve decided, after a slight revision to deter more B**bquake visits, to allow Mr. Mabus (athdead) to comment. I do this in hopes of finding at least a few lulz in the situation. If not, the ban hammer is always within reach. With that said, a new devo. post is in the works. And as always… KITTY!

While you’re distracted with the adorable baby lynx, I will apologize in advance for those of you who decide to disregard good sense and follow athdead’s revised link. Don’t click it. I’m serious. You won’t like it.

A Sincere Question

Among the comments I received today (and I thank you for them),  I discovered two that were sent to me in a spam-like fashion. These comments seemed to indicate some blather along the lines of the last atheist in Minnesota becoming an arbiter on mental health and redirects me to a “Boobquake” forum post. *Gasp* The End of Atheism you say?!

Now, here is my question. Should I allow his comments to pass beyond the filter? I have let every last person share their uncensored voice. Call me naïve, but I feel it is only fair to allow it for the time being until proven otherwise.

With that being said, athdead, I feel the need to remind you: I know who you are. You know what we are capable of. Also, next time don’t forget the d in  “a ead atheist.”  Mmmkay, Pumpkin?

Classroom Discussion!

By now many of you have probably read PZ’s post regarding the commenter’s personal information. With that in mind, I would like to add my own two cents on the subject.

I have been reading through the comments like any Pharyngulite should, and I noticed quite an uproar. Some people praised us. Some people scolded us. Some people lol’d. Personally, I favor only the last response. It would seem a few people made some rather hasty assumptions about myself and my fellow classmates.

Since I cannot speak on behalf of my peers, I shall only speak for myself. I am not evil. I would not post someone’s personal information on /b/ regardless of how “mean” they were. (We certainly joked about it though.) I am not a delicate snowflake. I enjoy each and every comment that I receive. I truly do! I seek neither your praise nor your scorn, but I will humbly accept both. If you feel my posts are complete garbage be sure to tell me. If you like them enough to recommend me to a med. school, by all means go for it!

As for our discussion in class, we reviewed our assignment. That’s all. Our assignment was to write a science blog. We encountered a problem with our assignment and brought it to the attention of our professor. He brought it to your attention. Now… the bit about the personal information may seem a bit extreme, but I assure you it was entirely in jest. There was never a viable threat of 4chan (/b/ is not your personal army). Besides, anyone who has ever lurked should know better.

Oh look a kitty! I hope this may be some form of restitution for any unintentional tone this post may have portrayed. I enjoy my viewers and would in no way, shape, or form want to dissuade you from visiting. On a parting note, I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I will address them as soon as I get the time.



Many thanks to all of you who commented! Hopefully this color scheme will make reading a little easier for everyone.. New post should be coming soon.

Welcome Pharyngulites!

Welcome! I assume you were directed here by request from PZ Myers. This is my first blog, let alone my first science blog, so I am still working out the kinks. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but please direct any angry abusive hate-mongering here.


James R.

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