So if you haven’t noticed, there has been a sizable gap in between posts. Whoops. Vacation and plans for world domination (not kidding) have consumed a fair chunk of my time. Most of my attention at the moment is directed at my Senior Seminar. Currently it’s dealing with Neuroplasticity and the Effects of Constraint Induced Therapy on Stroke Patients. So if anyone knows Dr. Edward Taub on a  first name basis, put in a good word for me. Pretty please?


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One response to “Hiatus.

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    Hi, I’m posting here because (1) I like your blog, (2) you don’t require sign-in, yeay!.

    My comment is about neuroscience but not directly related to above entries. I hope you don’t mind :). It’s about multilingualism.

    I think multilinguals develop dementia later because they are different from monolinguals.

    The truth is that it takes a lot to pick up a 2nd language and use it well.
    Kids with learning disabilities, in many cases we’re lucky if they learn English well, never mind French, Spanish, Japanese, etc. Trying to make all children bilingual is folly. Each child must be evaluated individually.

    We simply don’t know enough to recommend bilingualism for all. If we are wrong we could be harming a lot of children, the very ones who are most vulnerable to failure.

    Developmental neurobiologists, get to work!!!

    (Heathen, I wish you a brilliant career)

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