Exams, Planes, and Delays!

It would seem that I have accidentally taken a brief hiatus from my blogging duties! Allow me to explain my absence.

This week marked our first developmental biology exam. As it was a take-home essay, it is needless to say this consumed every moment of spare time available. Fortunately it seems I was not the only student who shirked their blogging duties as only one of seven students posted on time! Strength in numbers, right?

As my professor jetted off halfway around the world I relocated to a much warmer climate, Phoenix. There is no feeling like being in a prairie in the morning then landing in a desert to be greeted by an In-N-Out Double double: animal style.

But never fear! I believe I am still required an additional post to appease the almighty PZ (calling him almighty gets me an A, right?). So here’s a spoiler of the next post to come: primates and faulty cohesin.

On one last note, I was informed to inform you (to inform others) that this person is Not a doctor. Good job, Rhys Morgan. Keep slaying them.


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