Just in time for Caturday

A brief update:
I’ve decided, after a slight revision to deter more B**bquake visits, to allow Mr. Mabus (athdead) to comment. I do this in hopes of finding at least a few lulz in the situation. If not, the ban hammer is always within reach. With that said, a new devo. post is in the works. And as always… KITTY!

While you’re distracted with the adorable baby lynx, I will apologize in advance for those of you who decide to disregard good sense and follow athdead’s revised link. Don’t click it. I’m serious. You won’t like it.


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One response to “Just in time for Caturday

  • Joan

    Awwwh! Look at the little baby lynx in the pretty daisys! Soooo sweet…I feel all warm and fuzzy inside seeing him poke his cute lil’ head round the……(click)……..

    ROFLMAO! I gotta get me a trenchcoat!


    ~ Joan

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