A Sincere Question

Among the comments I received today (and I thank you for them),  I discovered two that were sent to me in a spam-like fashion. These comments seemed to indicate some blather along the lines of the last atheist in Minnesota becoming an arbiter on mental health and redirects me to a “Boobquake” forum post. *Gasp* The End of Atheism you say?!

Now, here is my question. Should I allow his comments to pass beyond the filter? I have let every last person share their uncensored voice. Call me naïve, but I feel it is only fair to allow it for the time being until proven otherwise.

With that being said, athdead, I feel the need to remind you: I know who you are. You know what we are capable of. Also, next time don’t forget the d in  “a ead atheist.”  Mmmkay, Pumpkin?


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5 responses to “A Sincere Question

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Whilst you might be correct in what your saying. ‘You know what we are capable of’ is not the way to say it. You sound more like the idiots that throw empty threats around when you do that. Not that i’m saying you are one of those idiots, it just doesn’t look good.

  • synapse

    I’ve seen that comment on your classmate’s blogs. They are off-topic and distracting. The man is picking on you simply because you’re taking a class from someone. I would say can the comments.

  • Kate

    I’d can it, and not mention it. In this case I assumed it was some one who doesn’t like those who don’t follow mythology. Off-topic and doesn’t understand it’s YOUR blog. Spam belongs in a can, Very polite of you to give him/her the advance warning.

  • Just some dude

    Using 4chan’s shittiest board as a threat because you know people’s IPs is really immature.

  • Ol'Greg

    You’ve met the guy who says he’s going to kill PZ.


    He posts on my blog some times too. A blog which hasn’t been updated in a month and is mostly about bread, occasional videos of music I make, photos, and various things I eat. I just let him post, but YMMV.

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