Welcome Pharyngulites!

Welcome! I assume you were directed here by request from PZ Myers. This is my first blog, let alone my first science blog, so I am still working out the kinks. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but please direct any angry abusive hate-mongering here.


James R.


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7 responses to “Welcome Pharyngulites!

  • Michael

    Props for 4chan, bro.

  • badgersdaughter

    Don’t be all so self-conscious and assume everyone is going to just HATE you and terrorize you. Pharyngulites give novices a little slack, just a little. The three best tactics you have are “engage honestly”, “tell the truth”, and “disagree like a gentleman”.

  • Kyt Dotson

    Egads! 4chan.

    Well, I’m an anthropologist, not a developmental biologist (although I did study marine biology for a while) so there’ll probably be little criticism from me. I figured that I’d just stop by and check these blogs out and say hello.

  • Gaebolga

    Nice one, sending the xtians to 4chan.

    I salute your pit-trap of the soul….

  • F

    I like the feel, and easy on the eyes. +1

    Another +1 for properly blackholing abusive hate-mongering.

  • ObSciGuy (Paul)

    Keep playing with the colors… orange on black is a bit harsh on the eyes 😉

  • glasgowaspie

    Yes, please keep playign with the colours. I have to wear colorometer lenses to help with sensory processing issues and they filter out most shades of red. At the moment, from my point of view, I can only see half of the text on here: anything in red just vanishes from the page and I’m left with half a sentence 🙂

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